Monday, August 08, 2016

HEH: Selfish vegans are ruining the environment.
NYT REPORTER ‘FESSES UP. Just remember, "For decades, the duty of a New York Times reporter or editor has been to elect Democrats. That hasn’t changed."
VENEZUELA: the Left's socialist paradise.
BY ‘PACKAGING’ THE OLYMPICS, NBC insults viewers, and the athletes themselves.

She's right. I don't watch any more for the simple reason that they don't show the sports themselves. I don't tune in for soft-focus human interest stories; I tune in for the sports.
ABOUT TIME: Court strikes down abuse of eminent domain power.

A precedent for future court action, I hope.
DON SURBER: "People ask me why I titled the book, Trump the Press. Because they would have censored the verb I wanted to use."

Read the post for the full story behind the MSM's 'Donald Trump hates babies' story.
JEFF JACOBY: Reward organ donors, and thousands of lives will be saved. He makes some good points, but I'm not convinced this wouldn't be the beginning of another 'slippery slope'.
NPR WRITER having a meltdown because your children might learn about Noah's Ark.

Contrary opinions give progressive snowflakes nightmares. Look at the 'safe space' movement for confirmation.
DONALD TRUMP versus Obamanomics:
Don't be fooled. Liberals hate the middle class and would destroy it, because that is what every single socialist and communist state does. See Venezuela. That is how crooks hold onto power. See Hugo Chavez, the Castro Brothers, and if elected, Hillary.
Read it all.