Sunday, August 07, 2016

YES. NEXT QUESTION? Climatistas are committed, but should they be “committed”?
GATEWAY PUNDIT: Social media patterns show Trump is looking at a landslide victory. I hope so.
IS IT REAL OR IS IT HILLARY? Trump video mocks Clinton as short-circuiting robot. [Note: the video won't play using Firefox as a browser; you'll have to use another browser or go to Trump's Facebook page.]
DONALD TRUMP is the middle-class growth candidate.

It never ceases to amaze me that Dumbocrats Democrats cannot come to grips with the fact that corporations (more generally, businesses) don't pay taxes, people do. More specifically, employees pay business taxes. Every dollar that a business pays is taxes is a dollar that comes out of the for employees' salary and benefits.

Is it that hard to understand?
IT'S "TAR & FEATHERS" TIME: Government says wearing 'Don’t Tread on Me' insignia might be unlawful racial harassment.

If it weren't both dark and raining heavily, I'd go out and fly my [Tea Party] Gadsden flag right about now....
THE MENDACITY [LIES] behind Obama's mockery of the cash-for-Iran story.
[F]ormer U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey asks; "How come the U.S. did not simply transfer the $400 million we are told actually belonged to Iran to a foreign entity, to be converted into foreign funds for conventional banking transmission to Tehran?"
Good question. Don't stop following the money.
WHY IS APPLE so afraid of a little picture of a gun?

They're not; they're afraid of being politically incorrect.
HILLARY TO POLICE UNION: Get lost. I hope the Trump campaign is paying attention.
SORRY, BUT 'FINE DINING' IS AT THE BOTTOM OF MY PRIORITY LIST: Why you should always dress up when you go out to eat.
HILLARY'S EMAILS: Why she should have faced the music.
NEW YORK TIMES: Inventing fire caused sexism, global warming.

Umm, we discovered fire; we invented matches....

Be that as it may, do the 'journalists' at the NYT eat their meat raw? And dig their veggies from the ground with wooden sticks?
HILLARY: It's not bad if I have surrogates do it.
MAYBE THERE'S HOPE AFTER ALL: Alumni cancel donations over social justice warrior protests.
BLACK LIVES MATTER expresses solidarity with slave traders. As long as [they think] they're not the slaves....
KHIZR KHAN: a vote for Hillary is a vote for Allah.