Saturday, August 06, 2016

PC RUN AMOK: DC travel guide rejects NRA Museum ad. Good Lord, what's next? Rejecting a Mt. Vernon advertisement because George Washington owned slaves?

DONALD TRUMP: the post-modern presidential candidate.
TECHNOLOGY: Detecting cybersecurity threats by taking the power grid's pulse.
KURT SCHLICTER: Donald Trump trumps the liberals' fake outrage clich├ęs.

Schlicter pulls no punches. And he punches hard.
ACTUARIAL ESTABLISHMENT tries to suppress explosive paper on public pensions.
[These] are powerful interests that don’t want public pensions to be governed by the same kinds of accounting principles used in the private sector because… well, because if they were, public pensions would go from seriously underfunded to catastrophically underfunded.
Left unmentioned is the fact that public pension funds are serious Democrat donors....
BECAUSE HE'S IN THE POCKET OF THE TAXI COMPANIES. Why is NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio fighting so hard against Uber?

Follow the money. Always follow the money.
MUST-READ FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA: How do you come to terms with the fact that you're just ordinary?
FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY: revolt of the asses.

Actually five years ago looks pretty much like today. Here are all the Shadow's World posts from August 6, 2011. Some, unfortunately, have succumbed to link rot.
MERE COINCIDENCE: 'The Ransom that Dare Not Speak Its Name'.

And Trump is unfit?
PROOF THAT DEMOCRATS ARE DUMB: their platform's energy fairy tale.

Their plan to "fight climate change without theoretically understanding its causes or [having] an understanding of the resources needed" is frighteningly reminiscent of their plan to fight radical Islamic jihadism, which was also pulled from the fairyland of their 'reality' world.
CONVENTIONAL WISDOM, especially that promoted by liberals and do-gooders (but I repeat myself), is almost always wrong.

UPDATED with this reminder:

GO, GARY, GO: Polls show Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson taking more support from Clinton than Trump.
OBAMACARE is failing exactly as we said it would.
IN THE WAR ON COPS, the lawless have won. I'm beginning to think it's time to give them back their inner cities and let them sort it out.
COLLEGE EDUCATION: something that cannot go on forever won't.
POWERLINE'S WEEK IN PICTURES: Trump, Trump, and more Trump. My favorite:

And there are many more here.
WHILE PROTESTING GUNS, anti-gun activist breaks the gun laws he supports.

Heh. It's funny, but also sad in that our legal/regulatory environment is so complex that it's almost impossible to do anything without violating some obscure law/regulation.