Thursday, August 04, 2016

LAST CALL for Frederick Weller.
DEREK HUNTER: Four days in hell.
The Democratic National Convention was ... meaningless pap designed to make people feel something so they wouldn’t think. Having spent four days among the trained barking seals serving as delegates, I can attest to the fact there was little risk of thought happening.
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IN A CROWDED CITY, PERHAPS: Robots could fulfill online orders in minutes.

Bonus points, though: you don't have to tip a robot.
HILLARY PLAYS the 'finger of sincerity' card.
CHINA INTRODUCES a Boeing 737-sized seaplane. I'm sure it will be handy as China moves to dominate the South China Sea.
DESTRUCTIVE FOREST FIRES are due to – government incompetence?

FORBES: Medicaid For None, Not All.