Wednesday, August 03, 2016

THE DEMOCRAT CONVENTION as seen in flyover country.
EPA MOVES to regulate climate-warming airliner pollution.

Easy solution: forbid private aircraft travel. And ground Air Force One.
PROPAGANDA FAIL: EPA Cannot prove that its $16 million education program had any positive results.
UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE? Hillary Clinton’s free college plan could put hundreds of private colleges out of business.

No. Intended. For the same reason Democrats oppose school choice -- control.
TOO STEALTHY: US F-35s Too Advanced For Some Training Exercises.

As recounted in his book, former Skunk Works CEO Ben Rich noted that it was also true of the first stealth aircraft, the F-117, as well. In early range tests, anti-aircraft missile systems could not detect the aircraft until it was already overhead dropping weapons.
NOT ON MY AIRPLANE: Pilot tackles drunk passenger accused of attacking flight attendant.