Saturday, November 05, 2016

OBSERVATIONS ON the FBI’s Clinton email “reentry”.

My own thoughts date back to John Roberts' Supreme Court decision to accept ObamaCare as constitutional based on an interpretation of the mandate as a 'tax'. I argued at the time that the Supreme Court decision was a 'shot across the bow', expecting the Obama administration and Democrat Congress to get the message that the Affordable [heh] Care Act was unconstitutional as written and replace it.

They didn't; Democrats don't respect the Constitution.

FBI Director Comey made the same mistake with his non-indictment indictment in July, expecting Hillary to get the message and withdraw from the presidential campaign.

She didn't; she has demonstrated over the last 30 years that she has absolutely no respect for the law; that she is above it; and that she has utter contempt for anyone who believes that it should apply to her.

Thus the email reentry: get out now, or get indicted/impeached.

She won't, and she will.

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