Friday, November 11, 2016

NATIONAL REVIEW: Republicans who care about the future of the party should ask answer these questions:
1. Does Donald Trump represent a long-term, ongoing shift in what the Republican party stands for?

It should; whether it will or not is still an open question. I'm hopeful, but not sanguine.

2. What are the two to three things those of us who are [never Trump] Republicans need to understand after this election?

You don't represent us.

3. What is the relationship between the rise of Trump and something like Brexit?

We want our countries back. 'Globalization' is not the answer.

4. What has this year taught us about voters on the right that needs to inform any rebuilding?

We don't need -- or want -- you smug elitist bureaucrats telling us how to live our lives. Go get real jobs.

5. What has this year taught us about Republican politicians and institutions that needs to inform such rebuilding?

There is a vast stretch of real America between the east and west coasts.

And here is what we want:

Try visiting there more often; you might come to understand.

6. What do we need to learn and act on from the Trump experience?

The Republican party works for its voters; not conversely.

7. Assuming a significant Trump loss, what needs to be said and done first and most quickly?

Heh. Revisit your assumptions.

8. Is the Republican party still the best vehicle through which to advance a conservative agenda?

Yes, but you 'never-Trump' Republicans need to quit sulking and join the real world.

9. Is the two-party system the key to stability it’s been — or is it in fact part of the reason our democratic system is in chaos?

Yes, if we can return to a true two-party system from the 'establishment party' system we currently have.

10. What do we make of two sets of facts — the first being that the Republican party is made up of thousands and thousands of elected officials, most all of whom are conservative [and almost none of whom is running or will run as a disciple of Donald Trump;] and the fact that Mr. Trump is the nominee President-elect?

The part of your question I bracketed above tells you all you need to know about your so-called 'facts'.

11. Does the restoration of the Republican party require total reconciliation — or is there a faction that needs to be driven out?

Yes, the bureaucratic, smug, self-important, self-appointed elitists need to be driven out to spend a few years in that part of America that exists between the east and west coasts.

12. What is it that the center-right party in America needs to stand for?

Let's try freedom.
I've answered; now it's time for you to listen.

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