Tuesday, November 08, 2016

JAZZ SHAW: The media blame-laying and finger-pointing has already begun.
How is it that we’re all accepting that the results of the primary and the conduct of the candidates during the general are somehow “wrong” and it must be somebody’s “fault” that we wound up in this situation? ... To imply that either the media or either party’s national committees should have somehow “done more” to ensure we didn’t wind up with these candidates is not only insane, but it reveals the general attitude which clearly lurks in the mind of not only Chuck Todd but too many people inside both the media and major party establishments. You unwashed peasants picked candidates we don’t approve of so we must have failed in our jobs of telling you who to support.

Here’s a news flash for a news man. That’s not your job. That’s not the job of the parties. It’s never been your job. The media was supposed to just present the facts and give the candidates a space to put their views and plans on display so the voters could choose. The DNC and RNC were supposed to be referees in this match, not babysitters who shepherd us toward a preordained destination.
Jazz is right, and it's not just the media and the political 'elites'. Earlier today I had a robocall from the doctor reminding me of a future appointment and trying to give me additional 'instructions' -- I hung up. Then I received a text message from my wireless provider telling me I had to put a password on my phone and that I needed to set up an online account. My response was to tell tell them to mind their own damn business.

And that's just today. I am sick and tired of all these nannyish bureaucratic bozos who provide me goods and services treating me as if I were too stupid to make my own decisions. They can are being told where they can stuff their pretentiousness.

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