Thursday, April 14, 2016

FORMER ROMNEY CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Democrats are unfair to Bernie. The hypocrites are on both sides; the establishment politicos don't like sharing the wealth.

The Hill blog doesn't seem to want to let you see its content without making you subscribe; usually a couple of clicks on 'reload' will let you through. Normally I wouldn't bother posting anything from The Hill except for this comment by one David Miller:
First of all, you know s#it about communism if you call Sanders a communist. Secondly, he outperforms Hillary in virtually every single poll against ANY republican.

This "communist" s#it works only on 60+ years old CNN, MSNBC and FOX viewers.
To which I have to respond: Maybe this "communist" sh#t works on us 60+ year-olders because we've experienced communism first-hand. You should respect your elders, son; you might learn something from them.

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