Sunday, January 31, 2016

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Harry Reid demands $600K slush fund for his 'retirement'. Examiner readers respond:
Given the level and pervasiveness of corruption prevalent in the Washington cartel, it's chump change. To be rid of this (redacted) it is cheap at twice the price.

Itemize his retirement benefits and compare them to those at his pay scale in the private sector. And while we're at it answer a burning question for the taxpayers who are paying for this: How did he become so rich?

Hey Guys, What's ours is his and what's his is his, so give him what he asks. Those donors paid for their favors, and ole Harry delivered.

Harry Reid has been living off the public dime so long he thinks he can have what he wants. I will bet that he gets what he asked for.
Our ruling class at work....

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