Sunday, January 31, 2016

MICHAEL REAGAN: Joking About Gun Control:
When I was a kid my father gave me three rifles and a shotgun.

First he gave me a single-shot .22 rifle. I was about eight.

Then in 1958, when "The Rifleman" came on, my father gave me a rapid-fire lever-action .22 Winchester rifle like the one Chuck Connors had. I was about 12.

Later, when I was a teenager my father gave me a .243 hunting rifle to hunt deer in Arizona and a 12-gauge shotgun to hunt birds.

He bought all the guns legally. But he gave them to me without first doing a background check to see if I was a criminal.

He didn't even check with my mother to see if I was doing my homework.

That was a joke.
But Obama's emotional grandstanding about gun control isn't a joke; it's a calculated move to gut the Second Amendment.

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