Monday, December 14, 2015

CLIMATE CHANGE: Global warming summit to produce '300,000 tons of C02' as 50,000 people travel to Paris from across the world. Scroll down through the pictures of our 6 ton-per-person 'elites' serving us proles spending our tax dollars.

MORE: The Washington Examiner recently asked whether the research serving as the basis for the climate summit in Paris is "settled science" or "junk science." Here are the readers' responses:
Global warming has been going on for thirty thousand years.

"Consensus" is not science.

It is settled science. But humankind does not have the moral capacity to fix it or stop it, and therefore must adapt to it. This will not be cheap, either.

The only "proof" for anthropogenic climate change are computer models that have been mathematically proven to be flawed. Journalists should be following the power and money to see what is driving this hoax.

'Junk Science'!

It is a "Faith-based Science." The scientists who propagate these ideas are unable to explain why when human activity in the past - which was negligible - cannot explain prior climate changes of massive proportions we should be quick to jump on human activity as the most responsible factor for present changes based on questionable observations.

When the government pushes something this hard, it's about money and taxes.

I'm still waiting for the oceans to rise. When the oceans begin rising like Al Gore told us they would be by now, then I'll believe in climate warming.
It's all about control -- and the graft and corruption that accompanies it.

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